Art is revolution

Think of Joseph Beuys and the Fat Corner or Marcel Duchamp and his readymade “Fountain”! Both were highly provocative in their day. The success? Only came about little by little. Today Beuys and Duchamp are classics of art history – true standards – and we look back with a smile at the enfants terribles of art. The avant-garde always has a hard time. Especially in art. Being a pioneer requires a lot of perseverance and persistence.

But as a gallery owner you know that better than anyone else. Good trailblazers lead to meaningful revolutions if the quality of the project and the implementation are right. Picasso’s cubism was a revolution. Even Monet’s water lilies were – let’s say – “reactionary” at the time. Now a few Swiss avant-gardists are preparing to revolutionize the art industry. The new digital avant-garde in the art world: that’s 4ARTechnologies.


Future standards in the fields of art, art forgery, catalogue raisonné, provenance / documentation and trade, united in one app. Art historians, app developers and art market experts have worked on the technical development for two years. Three patents and hundreds of test phases later, we would like to present our idea to you and invite you to try it out. Without obligation and without hidden costs. Because revolutions live from others taking part.

It all starts with a forgery-proof biometric passport for works of art, which guarantees the authenticity of the work and its complete provenance for artists and collectors. Thanks to our unique technology, the surface structure of a work of art is read by a smartphone camera and converted into a digital fingerprint. This fingerprint, together with information on origin and history, is secured as a biometric passport that cannot be manipulated afterwards.

Once registered, all other functions of the digital art world toolbox can be used. Information and documents can be shared in a controlled and targeted manner with interested parties, and the corresponding purchase requests can be received and processed. Whether in a gallery or on an online platform, collectors can always be confident that a work of art with a 4ARTartwork passport is secure and authentic. You can also discover completely new ways to reach collectors in the 4ARTapp, where your art can be experienced up close in the integrated virtual reality showroom. Innovative service and future-proofing for you and your customers with the 4ARTapp.

4ARTechnologies lets artists take advantage of the opportunities of the digital age.