Art and insurance. Sounds a little boring? Not if the latest solution comes from Switzerland, is digital and revolutionizes the fine art industry.

The Art & Tech specialist 4ARTechnologies is launching an innovation that will completely restructure the everyday art life of museums, gallery owners, artists and collectors. Works of art are values and therefore comprehensively insured. Until now, experts were needed on site to assess the condition of an object and determine the insurance policy. From now on, the insurance of art will work via app. Saving time and without risk. That is new. And will revolutionize the market.

Together with Munich Re and Ergo as strong partners from the insurance industry, <4ARTechnologies will launch the pilot project for the digital solution in June 2020. Based on the information submitted by the app user on the condition of the artwork, Munich Re and Ergo will in future offer a tailor-made insurance solution for 4ART clients. Digital and uncomplicated. Whether at a board meeting, in an art studio, in a museum or from home: art can now be professionally insured anytime and anywhere.

In order to convince the art world of this vision, the pilot project begins with a clear announcement: Each work of art sold for the first time in a gallery will automatically receive insurance coverage of up to EUR 10,000 for three months upon completion of the transfer of ownership in 4ARTapp – at no additional cost. The new owners can enjoy their new work of art without any worries, and the gallery strengthens its service by providing innovative advantages with the 4ARTapp.


“The cooperation with Munich Re/Ergo is an important step towards making transactions within the art scene even easier, more secure and more transparent. Both sides will benefit enormously from a successful project, as users will save costs and time while insurers will remain informed about the condition of the artwork and will be able to tailor the offered service accordingly”, explains Niko Kipouros, founder and CEO of 4ARTechnologies.

“Condition reports are a central part of almost every art transaction and are of enormous importance for insurance purposes, especially when shipping artworks to and from trade fairs and exhibitions”, says Stefan Fröhlich, Head of Innovation in Munich Re’s Business Division Global Marine Partnership.“We are now testing the user-friendliness of the 4ART app in a joint pilot project together with our colleagues from Ergo, on the way to a trustworthy and secure solution for the fine art insurance of tomorrow”.