Nico Mares in his studio, Photo: Christoph Neumann

Nico Mares, Museum Kunstpalast Dusseldorf, 2019

Nico Mares


Every quarter we cooperate with artists whose works we feature prominently on the 4ART website and whose aesthetic influence has a lasting impact on the visual language of 4ART for a quarter. The focus is on artists who in their practice work with structures that derive associative references to the creation of our digital fingerprints — the innovative 4ARTtool for the authentication of artworks.

As first artist we invited the Dusseldorf painter Nico Mares as 4ART Artist. For the next three months, his works with their micro-structures will be decisive for the overall aesthetic concept of our communication activities.

In his abstract landscapes of autonomous color forms, Nico Mares allows different color contrasts to play with each other. In doing so, the painter uses a glazed, partially transparent application of paint, thus creating deep-space, light illusions on the border between representationalism and abstraction. Small but intense accents are created by different, partly blotchy applied color elements that seem to float freely in the landscape. Cloud-like formations and poured splashes of paint are recurring elements of pictorial invention in Nico Mares’ work. With their colors and composition, they tie in with the viewer’s inner visual worlds and resemble snapshots of events and themes of memory.

The basis for the working process of every new project is a certain fantasy, a rough sketch. Nico Mares usually works without preliminary drawings, on canvases lying on the floor. With highly diluted acrylic paint he builds up his pictorial worlds layer by layer. Order and coincidence play an important role in Mares’ painting. He often groups his paintings into changing installation ensembles during his work. To do this, he carries the paintings from right to left and arranges them in changing groups, mixes them up again before placing them in a different context. For Mares it is always an exciting new start within the work process. But the finished painting should by no means obsessively reflect the original idea. The painting has to work on its own, so that all colors and elements together create a pictorial reality.


Nico Mares, *1977 Dusseldorf, lives and works in Dusseldorf

2000 Study of painting at the Academy of Art Munster, Germany
with Prof. Gunther Keusen, Prof. Daniele Buetti and Prof. Guillaume Bijl

2009 Master student with Prof. Guillaume Bijl
2010 Studies at the Dusseldorf Art Academy
with Prof. Siegfried Anzinger

2014 Master student with Prof. Siegfried Anzinger
2014 Graduation with Prof. Siegfried Anzinger Akademiebrief (Diploma)


Female Gaze, Alexander Ochs Private, Berlin, Virtuel (G)
Die Grosse, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf (G), postponed to 2021

Die Grosse, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf (G)
Painting, Group Show, Galerie W, Osnabruck (G)

Sleek Art Week, Berlin (G)
Nico Mares, at Barlachhalle, Hamburg (G)
Nico Mares, Galeriekanzlei im Kunstareal Türkenstraße, München (S)
Group Show, Curated by Catrin Hüske, The New Yorker, Colone (G)

Drawing Festival, Group Show, Art District_P, Busan, South Korea (G)
Finish Starting, Group Show, Art District_P, Busan, South Korea (G)
The void space and peacock tail, Group Show, Leeyeonju Gallery, Busan, South Korea (G)
Artist in Residence Stipendium, Art District _ P, South Korea
Nico Mares, Soloshow, Art and Space Gallery, München (S)
Nico Mares, The Berlin Show, The Art Scouts Gallery, Berlin (S)

Summer Group Show, Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Colone (G)
Nico Mares – Farbe, Galerie LOOF, Niederlande (S)
Die Grosse 2016, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf (G/C)
Abstract Strategies, Boeckercontemporary, Heidelberg (G)

Kunst für Obdach, Eon, Dusseldorf (G/C)
Abstract Strategies, Mirta Demare ruimte voor actuele kunst, Rotterdam, Niederlande (G)
Summer Group Show, Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Colone (G)
Abstract Strategies, Poiesis Spec, Berlin (G)
Abstract Strategies, Martina Kaiser Cologne Contemporary Art, Colone (G)
Acht Maler und, Galerie Christine Hölz, Dusseldorf (G)
Die Grosse 2015, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf (G/C)
Abstract Strategies, Galerie Schütte, Essen (G)

Abstract Strategies, Kunstraum «Bespoke» Dusseldorf (G)
Nico Mares, Galerie Kramer, Bremen (S)
Focus on Young Artists, Galerie Heinz Holtmann, Colone (G)

Nico Mares, Sal. Oppenheim Bank Dusseldorf (S/C)

Nico Mares, Galerie Kramer, Bremen (S)


Cohausz & Florack
Sal. Oppenheim
WGZ Bank


Kunstsammlung WGZ Bank, Neuerwerbungen seit 2006,
herausgegeben von Ralf Hartweg im Auftrag der WGZ Bank

ISBN 978-3-00-045979-5

Nico Mares mit Text von Raimund Stecker, Verlag Ralf Liebe
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New Grass, Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen (G/K)
ISBN 978-3-928682-68-8

Nico Mares, Fels, 2019, 180 X 120 cm, Acrylic on canvas

Nico Mares, Colorado, 2017, 120 X 150 cm, Acrylic on canvas

Nico Mares, 99,9, 2016, 200 X 200, cm, Acrylic on canvas

Nico Mares, Alle #2, 2016, 200 x 150 cm, Acrylic on canvas

Studio Nico Mares, Dusseldorf