With a sales volume of $64.1 billion in 2019, the art market is an ever more exciting field of opportunities for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.
To the uninitiated, however, buying into the arts can mean a leap of faith. The market is notoriously intransparent.
Making wise investment decisions requires both considerable expertise, the right personal network, or the guidance of trusted but costly intermediaries, for example, brokers or auction houses.

This is why we have created 4ARTechnologies, with an idea to set up a new standard for how the art world works!
The art ecosystem is complex. It consists of museums, artists, collectors, insurers, restorers, and many others. All of them interact with each other and transact on a daily basis. But their analog ways are outdated and also prone to human error or even ill-intent.

Our unique technology embodied in the 4ARTapp combines the superior security of the blockchain with “augmented authentication” technology to tackle the art industry’s most pressing problems while making everyday operations easier for all artwork players.
The 4ARTapp brings digitization, time efficiency, trust, and most importantly cost reduction.

Here’s where you come in! You, uninitiated to the art market, may have the most important role to play in the new art market’s digital standard!
Today you can own the art world’s currency — the 4ARTcoin!

Museums, artists, collectors, insurers, restorers, need the 4ARTcoin to transact within the 4ARTecosystem. As the art industry players adopt the 4ARTapp, you will hold the key to their success.

Investors who buy the 4ARTcoin now will easily earn on selling coins to the art market ecosystem. Welcome to the future of art. Join the movement and invest in 4ARTechnologies!

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