Easy payments on 4ARTapp with 4ARTcoin

Aug 18, 2021 | 4ART Coin

At 4ARTechnologies, we are working to create the easiest and safest transactions for all art world players through our technology. Artists, galleries, collectors, museums, and logistics companies can benefit, while saving money and ensuring their art and processes are handled competently.


4ARTcoin: the first cryptocurrency for the art world


To make transactions uncomplicated, we have 4ARTcoin. It is the core of the 4ART ecosystem, and the means of payment for any service or sale performed on the platform. This is for everything, from the initial scan to any other service offered through the platform.


The 4ARTcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency for the art world. Some of the benefits are:


  • Enabling transactions between all art market participants.
  • Maximizing security.
  • Eliminating transaction or exchange losses. 


Digitization is for everyone


During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw an acceleration in the digitization of the global art market, and the shift of trade to cross-border online platforms. 4ARTcoin has an important function in this new era, allowing our users to digitize their analog work and secure their digital work, to make them accessible for everyone, wherever they are, with maximum confidence. 


When 4ARTechnologies customers pay for services within the 4ARTapp using 4ARTcoin they receive a 20 percent discount. Services we offer include:


  • Creating a patented digital fingerprint for an artwork.
  • Creating the first truly usable passport for artwork.
  • Managing secure transfer of rights and possession.
  • Creating high quality condition reports.
  • Creating and trading NFTs with unparalleled security and enhanced features.
  • Enabling our users to acquire and collect artworks from known and new international talents.
  • Contacting professional restoration services.


4ARTcoin is a utility token


A token is created on the blockchain and it has to have a purpose. The purpose of the token defines which doors it will open. Tokens are a representation of something, like money, or (as you may know from recent times) unique art pieces like NFTs.


A utility token provides a user with a service, they provide access to something. In this case, 4ARTapp users have access to all our services and can manage transactions with 4ARTcoin.


There are different types of tokens and they are regulated. 4ARTcoin is a utility token according to the definition that the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) offers. 


Be part of this art revolution


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