"Art is culture and thus part of our identity, but art is also passion, a commodity and object of desire, capital investment and currency. Art is so many things and yet means something different to each of us – the one thing we all have in common is the desire to protect this asset and its values.”

Art meets digitalisation.
4ARTechnologies combines the potential of the blockchain with its own patented augmented authentication technology. At its core is the creation and management of tamper-proof ‘biometric passports’ for paintings. A piece of art is photographed from different perspective by using a standard smartphone camera and the data recorded is converted into a digital ‘fingerprint´. Together with the artwork´s provenance – information on its origin and history – this fingerprint is secured on the blockchain as a forgery-proof ‘biometric passport’. Once saved in the database, the technology enables the painting to be verified beyond doubt by matching it to its digital certificate.
Even the time-consuming and expensive creation of condition reports is revolutionised and simplified by 4ARTechnologies. Any kind of surface changes, for example as a result of damage, can be recorded and documented with the app. From now on, the creation of a complete, reliable condition report that passes all expert examinations takes just a few minutes.
These reports can be easily and securely created, transferred and used on a smartphone to document and protect each transaction. Logistics and transport companies benefit from the track and trace function, whereas restorers and conservators can now record the details of their work and access information from previous restoration and conservation activities.

Experience meets vision.
Niko Kipouros, founder of 4ARTechnologies, has been a professional art agent and passionate art collector for over two decades. With a long track record as an entrepreneur and investor whose portfolio includes more than 50 companies, the qualified investment banker combines excellent business sense with a deep understanding of the art industry.
In addition to its headquarters in Zug, the Swiss company has representative offices in Germany, Luxembourg and Hong Kong. The experienced team comprises 150 international experts across many industries, including 35 programmers who are constantly optimizing and refining the technology and the platform.

The global standard.
With the aim of protecting art as a cultural asset for future generations and to prevent art forgery, 4ARTechnologies sets a new standard for the art industry. For the first time, the technology connects all parties involved – from artists, gallerists and collectors, experts, insurers and restorers up to logistics and transport companies – offering them greater transparency, security and process efficiency.