Art is culture and thus part of our identity, but art is also passion, a commodity and object of desire, capital investment and currency. Art is so many things and yet means something different to each of us. The one thing we all have in common is the desire to protect this asset and its values. - Niko Kipouros

Through the symbiosis of state-of-the-art technological innovations, 4ARTechnologies creates the basis for a unique digital standard for the global art industry. This standard makes it possible for the first time to network all market participants digitally, giving them more transparency, security, process efficiency and a significant cost reduction.

Today, maybe more than ever, it is relatively simple to fabricate artworks. Fakes and forgeries, works without adequate historical research, scientific analysis or certificates of authenticity are part of the art market. They are straining the reputation of art as cultural asset and damage the market.

4ARTechnologies sets a new standard for the art world with the 4ARTapp. With the security and reliability of the Blockchain as our foundation, we are bringing the analog art market into the digital era, with the goal of acting as a technical link between partners worldwide to make collectors' assets future-proof. This creates new perspectives and secures cultural and material values.

The 4ARTechnology enables the digitalization of many core processes of the global art market. The 4ARTpassport not only combines the unalterable history of a work of art with its unique and always identifiable 4ARTdna, it also records every change of condition, every change of ownership and every transport in a digital, living provenance - for present and future generations.