4ART World Award: establishing artists in the industry

Nov 19, 2021 | 4ART News

4ARTechnologies invited visual artists to introduce their artwork to collectors and clients in more than 60 countries and become 4ART ARTIST OF THE YEAR. This award is a chance to establish themselves in the art industry and take their careers to the next level.


Participation free of charge


All artists were welcome: painters, illustrators or art photographers. Everyone had an equal opportunity to win and be seen by leading industry experts. Participation was free of charge and the curating committee received more than a 100 applications with interesting and different concepts, ideas and techniques.


A total prize fund of over 50,000 Euros divided


The prize includes international awareness in more than 60 countries, curation and creation of a VR gallery in 4ART App for digitization of the works, and creation of a catalogue for international communication with 90.000 art players.


1st place: total value of Є15,000

“Mary Magdalena” by Sinead Bunn: 2nd Place


  • Є3000 in credits in 4ART App
  • 4ART Website profile
  • Social media campaign


2nd place: total value of Є10,000


  • Є2000 in credits in 4ART App
  • 4ART Website profile
  • Social media campaign


3rd place: total value of Є5,000

Sayaka Asai – 3rd Place


  • Є1000 in credits in 4ART App
  • 4ART Website profile
  • Social media campaign


For places 4th to 10th Є500 credits will be awarded in 4ART App to communicate with more than 90.000 art world participants.


The process


Artists applied through our website uploading their biographies, art statements and 5 to 10 pictures of their work. 


An international jury compound by collectors, art historians and visual experts voted on their favourite artists. Their decision was based on the unity of an artist’s work, how clearly communicated their pursuit and on visual aspects.


To collect their credits for the virtual reality gallery, artists have to register via KYC in 4ART App. At least 12 artworks will be part of their exhibition and this will allow them to connect with new audiences easier.


The winners are announced


Among hundreds of artists, 10 were selected as the best and soon you will be able to find their work in 4ART Exhibition.


An online ceremony was shared to name the 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.


The ceremony’s highlight is the presentation “You a great artist. How to get you noticed” planned to give all participants the opportunity to learn how to make the most of their new exposure.


This online event is also available to any other artist interested in 4ARTechnologies, having participated in the Award or not.


“Triumph Of Divnity” by Jason Engelbart – 1st Place

The Artist of the Year is Jason Engelbart 


Bringing the opulence, intensity and passion from the baroque, Jason Engelbart creates abstract paintings that make the viewer remember these masterpieces from hundreds of years ago.


Already an awarded artist, he has been painting since he was a child. Private collectors love their work and he has exhibited in important artistic cities such as New York, Hamburg or Zurich. Recently he was part of a virtual group exhibition in Madrid, however his first virtual gallery will be created in 4ART App.


Enjoy our online event “You are a great artist, how to get you noticed”

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