4ARTechnologies is featured in The Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Report 2022

Oct 13, 2022 | 4ART App, 4ART News

In the geographic region of the Middle East and North Africa, there are Blockchain, Crypto, Metaverse and Web3 related organizations and activities that are proudly part of the Crypto Oasis.


According to this document


the Crypto Oasis is the fastest growing Blockchain Ecosystem in the world and has been developing at an remarkable rate over the past year. The purpose of giving the name Crypto Oasis was to offer the entire MENA region a title to stand out amongst the likes of Silicon Valley and the Crypto Valley. The talent and capital for Blockchain migrated from Silicon Valley to Crypto Valley and then to the Crypto Oasis in the Middle East. Thus, we gave it an identity of its own, a unique name.


About the Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Report


The Crypto Oasis Ecosystem Report is created by the Crypto Oasis team in partnership with Roland Berger to provide valuable insights and a deeper look into some of the most notable Blockchain initiatives and organizations in the UAE. The report is a periodic report which is now on its inaugural edition and will be yearly published.


4ART in the NFT Platforms section 


Being among the best art focused companies, 4ART is featured in the NFT section of the report. With the mission of creating a digital standard for the global art industry, our cutting edge technology draws attention from all important players.


4ART’s patented digital fingerprint serves as a secure key to the digital world, making artworks uniquely identifiable and inextricably linked to their documentation. A Blockchain-based living provenance automatically secures all movements of an object, creating a provenance that was unimaginable just a few years ago. 


Fully digital condition reports standardize this essential tool for any art trade and make global art handling transparent and cost-effective. The integrated Metaverse VR Galleries with AR functionality enable a new way to experience and purchase artworks from around the world with conviction. 


Its newest development – the NFT+ – makes physical and digital artworks equally collectible for the first time. Established best practices and legal documentation in hard coded into the NFT+, offering much needed security and usability for creators and collectors alike. 


With clients ranging from student artists to leading art world institutions, and support from blue-chip partners in insurance and transport, 4ARTechnologies leads the art world into the digital era.


The evolution of art: Niko Kipouros


“NFTs are one of the biggest revolutions for artists and creators in recent memory. They make the digital world unique, they provide new ways for creators to receive royalties and allow artists to reach a buzzing and borderless market. However, due to their oftentimes superficial implementation, NFTs are not reaching their full security potential. This also harms the long-term value for collectors. Our 4ART NFT+ standard, which enshrines established “best practices” with legal documentation right in the NFT, answers these concerns and stands as an example for a mature implementation. Despite its headline figures, the NFT space presents a high barrier of entry and is still very small as a result. To bring in creators and collectors from outside the Blockchain Ecosystem, technological hurdles must be reduced, and the community opened up. Making FIAT payments and multi-chain choices for NFT minting widely available broadens the appeal immensely, as we have proven with our own marketplace”