Buy fine art and be sure it is handled with care

Nov 26, 2022 | 4ART App, 4ART News

When finding your favorite artists and artworks in the 4ART App, you can start the conversation with the gallery or artist and agree on the transaction. Ownership can be transferred easily and the documentation will be clear and recorded forever on the blockchain. Once this is done, you can assure the logistics of your new investment, due to our partnerships with leaders in the field. 


hasenkamp has over 100 years of experience in art handling


4ARTechnologies and hasenkamp join forces to set new standards for the global landscape of fine art transports and art handling.

European logistics specialist hasenkamp, who serves clients like the MET in New York and handles works by Da Vinci or Gerhard Richter, provides over a century of expertise and their own developments to define the next generation of fine-art handling services for the industry.


A standard for the artworld and safe transactions


When a piece changes ownership, the collector can start tracking the journey of the piece with 4ART App. With the fully digital artwork passport and process track & trace with hasenkamp’s leading full-service approach and over 100 years of fine-art logistics experience, this partnership benefits both artists and collectors.


Condition reports done easily and are less time consuming


Condition reports are an essential component of exhibitions and collections. Professionals make an assessment and we help them make this process easier and more effective. 


They will observe things like:

  • Planar distortions
  • Discoloration or stains
  • How the frame looks
  • Does it have wires and screws attached


The state of a painting is extremely important before, during, and after transportation. This is why in 4ART App is a relevant tool that will continue to be used among art players, due to its accuracy and user-friendly design.


4ARTechnologies partners with the leaders


Partnerships with industry leaders like hasenkamp are key to our users’ success. We are excited and proud to cooperate with this logistics company. Their immense know-how and process experience are fundamental in building an integrated solution that is a further step towards the standardization of a larger art market ecosystem.