Digital transformation project by 4ARTechnologies and the Swiss Art Market Association supported by the Canton of Zurich

May 18, 2022 | 4ART News

The Swiss Art Market Association and 4ARTechnologies AG, have created the digital transformation project “Art Market Switzerland”. The Canton of Zurich approved the submission to receive funding to support artists and program galleries in Switzerland.

The collaboration will support especially smaller participants in the art market and the plan is to strengthen Switzerland as a cultural location in the national and international context.

Switzerland is developing innovative solutions and technologies that will enable a broad audience to take advantage of the opportunities that the changing international art market offers. Ensuring future security is also a key element of this joint strategy.


Who is taking part in the project


The Swiss Art Market Association (SAMA) works to protect the interests of members of the Swiss art market in dealings with authorities, associations, private individuals, and the media.

It is the umbrella organization for four art trade associations

  • Art Galleries Switzerland
  • Swiss Association of Dealers in Antiques and Art
  • Swiss Auctioneers Association
  • Swiss Art Trading Association


4ARTechnologies delivers state-of-the-art solutions like

  • biometric artwork passport
  • verification of originality
  • digital condition reports


All these create a unique standard and result in high trust and class-leading services. Their technology available through the 4ART App, enables all participants to offer and execute their art-related transactions in a sustainable and secure way.

Stay tuned to see what this project brings to the global arts community.