H.H. Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa bin Mohammed Al Nahyan: 4ART Coin holder and strategic partner of 4ARTechnologies

Apr 13, 2022 | 4ART News

4ARTechnologies is proud and glad to announce that H.H. Sheikh H. Bin Khalifa Mohammed Al Nayan, a member of the Royal Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi took a significant allocation as part of a strategic partnership. 


This decision was the conclusion of a thoroughly and maturely considered assessment process after discussing the importance of 4ARTechnologies contributions to the global art scene. 


  • This cooperation should focus on the evaluation, custody, and trading of NFTs, especially in the arts.


  • According to Forbes Report 2021, the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi is the 4th wealthiest family in the world.


  • H.H. Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan has a proven track record of success for more than 20 years in business. He is often described as a visionary, innovative, and inspirational leader.