Jason Engelbart: Artist of the Year 4ART World Award

Dec 16, 2021 | 4ART News

Jason Engelbart is a German artist who at a young age, discovered his passion for painting. When he was 15 he had his first exhibition in his hometown. During the past years he has developed a collection of digital ‘neopaintings’ using the tools of the computer, but painting. This collection, “The Joy of Being”, has convinced the judges of 4ART Award to award him first place and the title of Artist of the Year.


Training and background


jason engelbart winner 4ART AwardJason studied in Alsterdam, the School of Visual Arts, based in Hamburg. He enjoyed his years there in the art and design academy from 1980 to 1984. As mentioned before, his talent and passion for art was discovered early and he kept learning and mastering different techniques.

He also learned from professor Lothar Walter, a modern visual artist recognized by collectors and art lovers in Germany.  Some viewers have remarked how this master inspired Jason in the search of color and emotion.


The neopaitings


Jason started experimenting with Photoshop around 2011. His interest in finding a tool to paint on the computer allowed him to discover ways to use brushes and be able to create as if he was in front of a white canvas.

From 2016 onwards he has been searching for the perfect moment, the moment of perfect love, the divine. Jason has been tracing these values especially in the works of sacred Baroque painting. Superimposing picture levels, blurring, overpainting and re-composing the abstraction of selected works of the Baroque, the artist creates pictorial rhythms and moving structures. 

Viewers find colors and forms swirling together, coinciding yet never lost, blended and nevertheless holding shape. This homage to Baroque times is what makes the work so special, and made Jason the favorite of the judges of the 4ART World Award.

Jason Engelbart’s Awards


As you know, Jason got selected as the First Place Artist of the Year 2021 in the 4ART World Award.

The artist received the Honorable Mention Publication Award in the seventh edition of the ITSLIQUID International Competition in 2020. In a very interesting interview, Jason speaks about his process but also some of the struggles artists might have today. Jason recognizes the pressure for galleries to find new talent to sell quickly without allowing an artist to develop for enough time. “For me as an artist, this means going against the grain by not submitting to this superficial speed. I remain true to myself and do not adapt to the fashions of the art world, because I am convinced that high-quality artistic development needs time and space to unfold freely.”


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During 2018 Jason Engelbart got the International Art Award in the Second Art Expo International Ingolstadt and also the Kitz Art Award in Austria.


Jason Engelbart’s work and vision


Talking to Jason is a pleasure. He is always more comfortable in his mother tongue, German, but he is open and ready to share with international audiences and fans in English. You can ask about his story and he will happily share it; he is humbled and honored from the awards he received and the acceptance of the many collectors, galleries and art institutions trusting in his style and quality.


Jason Engelbart believes that art brings faith, hope and sense into the world without a religious approach. He states that art helps people connect with the transcendental. 


“Art is a source of inspiration for the look inwards – for musing and for reflecting on one’s own perceptions and experiences. Art invigorates and enriches without demanding.”


In 4ARTechnologies, we look forward to his virtual gallery in 4ART Exhibition. We wish him success and joy in his search for beauty and color. 


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