4ARTechnologies has a new partnership with an up-and-coming, international gallery in Russia

Sep 15, 2021 | 4ART News

Recently we made a trip to Moscow and had extremely interesting meetings and talks about new collaborations. After meeting their first pop-up space at the center of the contemporary art cube.moscow, we noticed we could find good ways to work together. We at 4ARTechnologies are happy to announce that we are partnering with the Window Project Gallery. 


Meet the Window Project Gallery


Based in Tbilisi, Georgia, they create long term negotiations with artists, public and private institutions, and art lovers. Finding people with common values and aspirations, they develop a strong, cognitive art community. 4ARTechnologies could not agree more to this vision.


The gallery creates a dialogue between the past and the present: they promote young Georgian artists as well as older generations. Their first project was founded in 2013 and started its activity at an empty window display of the Pantomime Theatre located on Rustaveli.


The project, named “Gallery in Vitrine” supported local artists specializing in art from the period after the collapse of the Soviet regime. Internationally well-known names, together with young artists, collaborated in a “gallery in the window display” concept. The goal was to make art as public as possible.


4ARTechnologies and Window Project celebrate the launch of the NFT art department


With a special dinner, friends and clients of both, the Window Project and 4ARTechnologies toasted to the opening of the latest department of the contemporary gallery dedicated to NFT.


The event was the perfect framework for a new acquisition 4ARTechnologies has. 4ARTechnologies now owns the first animated sculpture with sound, to be exported from the museum and housed in a virtual depository. This is a NFT created by the popular well-known artist, Nikolay Koshelev. He is the first artist at age 35 to have a solo show at Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow!


The NFT artwork of Koshelev that 4ARTechnologies acquired


4ARTechnologies is always innovating; we have been bringing analogue work into the digital realm for three years now, and know the importance of creating opportunities for all collectors and creators interested in digital spaces.


“Unique Video Installation Inferno Purple Mask | Animated and Sounded for Eternity” is the name of the NFT that Instigators x Nikolay Koshelev developed in April, and was bought by 4ARTechnologies in September 2021.


Denis Davydov and Nikolay Koshelev had a conversation explaining how their work developed into virtual spaces.


“For me it has always been relevant to go beyond the limits and examine how far the artist’s expression can go within the development of new visual technologies. That’s a challenging task for all participants of the art world and it’s market,” says Nikolay Koshelev.


New collaborations on the way!


4ARTechnologies is always connecting with interesting players in the artworld. During the last visit to Moscow we met with institutions that will add more to our all-in-one 4ARTapp. Keep aware of our updates and stories or ask us anything.