SNOB TLV and 4ARTechnologies present Israeli Artists in 100 Countries 

Jul 8, 2022 | 4ART App, 4ART News

SNOB TLV and 4ARTechnologies present The Escape VR exhibition that unites ten digitised pieces of such Israeli artists as Konstantin Benkovich, ECA, Valeria Ganzman, Ilya Kagan, Adele Levitova, Suli Mann, Olga Marshak, Dima Mogilevsky, Mucha, Kseniya Revzin, and Olga Vainshbein. On July, 11, 2022, Creators Gallery will host this collective project.


The curators are Ela Cohen and Maria Prokofyeva, and The Escape VR exhibition illustrates the escapism phenomenon with which many of us might be familiar, especially within the current turbulent situation. The project presents the pieces by Israeli artists who encountered a completely new world and reflected the feelings in their works.


Dima Mogilevsky. David. Courtesy of the artist

About our partner for this exhibition


SNOB TLV is reinventing Jewish community of the XXI century by preserving, supporting and developing international, cosmopolitan as well as authentic and respectful Jewish culture. Initiatives and projects by SNOB TLV are aimed at creating a new image of Jewish culture – attractive, contemporary and secular.  SNOB TLV unites SNOB Culture Club, Creators Gallery, Creative City Festival, the cycle of immersive historical street shows etc. You can donate to the project via this link


“One of SNOB TLV’s key missions is to promote Israel as an important, authentic and one-of-a-kind cultural hub of the Middle East. Such projects as The Escape VR exhibition contribute to opening new opportunities for Israeli artists and increasing their recognition on the international level,” – commented Anton Sazonov, Founder and CEO of SNOB TLV.


“The Escape exhibition is an important step in the collaboration between SNOB TLV and 4ARTechnologies. By providing technology to digital art and show it online to a global audience, we are pleased to see how it leads towards strengthening cross-cultural dialogue and inclusion of new authors and communities in the international artistic agenda,” – shared Viktoria Miziano,  Partnership Lead at 4ARTechnologies. 


The media partner of The Escape VR exhibition is Art Flash Magazine

The project is implemented with the support of the Russian Jewish Congress. 

Valeria Ganzman. Self Portrait with Two Sunflowers. Courtesy of the artist

SNOB TLV was created with the support of the Genesis Philanthropy Group.


Be part of this!


The Escape VR exhibition presentation will happen:

  • At Creators Gallery, Old Jaffa, Mazal Dagim, 15 
  • On July 11th, 2022. 
  • Welcome drinks at 19:30 and beginning of the presentation at 20:00

    Muha. Dream. Courtesy of the artist


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