Sotheby’s sold CryptoPunks from 4ARTechnologies collection

Jul 15, 2021 | 4ART News, NFT+

Photo’s source: Sotheby’s 


On 1st of July this year, Sotheby’s in London successfully auctioned a joint collection of five CryptoPunk prints! Two of the CryptoPunks were part of 4ARTechnologies’ private collection. We believe in NFTs, and support the art market with our own NFTs.


Demanded collector’s items

Each of the five pieces was sold for between 150,000 GBP and 226,000 GBP. The auctioned prints were signed by Co-Creator John Watkinson, which makes them a rare mix of digital and analog art.


The Swiss digital art expert, Geor Bak, says, “The CryptoPunks have propelled the NFT onto a global stage, and are continuing to shake up the art world to this day.”



4ARTechnologies secured a Cryptopunk in 2018


Back in 2018, at the Kate Vass gallery in Zurich, we were part of an exhibition called “PERFECT & PRICELESS  – VALUE SYSTEMS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN”. 4ARTechnologies had the opportunity to complete the blockchain art circle, by digitizing and securing one of the few printed copies of a CryptoPunk. The CryptoPunks are some of the first artworks generated on the blockchain and we are proud to have been part of their origins, as well as see them rock the art world today.



Value of CryptoPunks


The idea of CryptoPunks came to life in summer 2017 in New York. Back then, software engineers Matt Hall and John Watkinson created exactly 10,000 portraits of crudely pixelated heads or characters. Being one of the first crypto art projects, they were stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The ownership history of every artwork is tracked and documented in the blockchain too, so they were some of  the first artworks that could not be faked.

Since then, the sale value of CryptoPunks has surpassed all expectations: they exceeded the benchmark of 100 million dollars in just a few months.

Their value is due to their scarcity and their significance as a piece of art history.


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