The CV VC Global Report 2022 is here: 4ARTechnologies is awarded again

Apr 11, 2022 | 4ART News, NFT+

The Global Report lists the world’s foremost blockchain companies, excluding organizations from the following categories: academia/education, events, and associations. The report outlines the most relevant players in twelve categories, based on aspects like:

  • their business model
  • the degree of innovation
  • distinctive technological features


4ARTechnologies is featured in the NFTS & the Metaverse section of the CV VC Global Report April 2022


Non Fungible Tokens are groundbreaking for the digital economy. They enable digital asset ownership to be unique and identifiable. 


NFTs and their intellectual property rights have been a major topic of discussion that lawyers and artists alike have been trying to solve throughout the last year. Legal ambiguity persists until regulators can create more clarity for the consumer. More critique has come from within the crypto space, as many artworks are stored on a centralized server and are therefore not owned by the buyer of an NFT. The buyer only owns the token associated with the art, but the underlying art can be replaced, which has been shown on an OpenSea NFT drop. 


4ARTechnologies has solved these issues with NFT+ and some 4ART App features like having mandatory KYC authentication for every user.

NFT+ includes

  • all metadata 
  • a forensic watermark 
  • the contained rights and privileges of the work in legally binding documents 


NFT+ is the next generation standard with unparalleled security and enhanced features

Among decentralized projects (Loot and Nifties), companies based in New York (LarvaLabs or Portion), Paris (Sorare), Ho Chi Minh City (Axie Infinity) and Wellington (Cryptovexels), among others, 4ARTechnologies is part of this report due to its innovative 4ART App and Marketplace for Digital Art focused in simple NFT+ creation and trading.


The context of the CV VC Global Report


Nowadays there is a global blockchain ecosystem, and it systemically feeds and nurtures itself across most cities and countries, of course having centers like the Cryptovalley.  


The Global Report series, created by CV VC in collaboration with PwC Switzerland, provides an overview of the global blockchain ecosystem, outlining the main activities of top organizations using blockchain to transform existing and create new markets and industries. 


Crypto and digital assets are one of blockchain’s most prolific applications, much of the report focuses on the strides happening across this realm. But we see how vast the potential for other applications of blockchain technology is and how its use in every industry is beginning to bloom. There are over 80 of the world’s top 100 companies by market cap already using blockchain.

The 2022 Global Report touches on the following blockchain sectors, in alphabetical order: 

  1. Brokers & Crypto Banks 
  2. Crypto Exchanges 
  3. Custodians 
  4. DAOs 
  5. DeFi 
  6. Launchpads 
  7. Market Makers 
  8. NFTs & The Metaverse 
  9. Platforms & Protocols 
  10. Service Providers 
  11. Token Issuance Platforms 
  12. VCs in Blockchain


You can access the full report here.