We are 80,000! Let’s celebrate with an even better and more beautiful appearance.

Jun 30, 2021 | 4ART News

As a serial award-winning No. 1 Blockchain in Art venture, here at 4ARTechnologies we are proud of our patented Augmented-Authentication-Technology services.

We offer an all-in-one app to provide the world ́s first true 360° digital infrastructure solution for the global art ecosystem while safeguarding:

  • provenance 
  • attribution
  • and integrity of any artwork 


All of this made possible with the forgery-resistant, unique 4ARTpassport, saved forever on the blockchain.

80,000 users in more than 65 countries all over the world are part of our community.  We are very proud and happy to have so many wonderful clients!

Thank you for your trust and loyalty!

We say thank you with an even better and more beautiful appearance.

Our sparkling, shiny new website has brand new features ready for you!


Our offer: 4ARTapp


More than 80,000 users are excited by this tool that gives everyone in the art world the opportunity to save money and time so they can focus on their passion: ART.

See it for yourself! Our website shows the main functionalities and you can discover even more with the content we share here and on social media. 

For our users, we also have the support section, where they can find answers to more detailed enquiries.


4ARTblog: learn all about technology and art


Kai, our CTO, loves to answer technical and trending questions that he is always getting asked. His articles give a lot of insight into 4ARTapp, the trends in the cryptoworld and his interesting perspective on other topics.

We also have posts about specific categories and you will be able to expand your knowledge with the content we develop for you. Stay tuned and wait for the new posts, all about interesting topics like NFTs, and news about the art world or 4ARTechnologies, including about our own cryptocurrency.


Cryptobuddies: Meet 4ARTeam


You probably have already seen some posts with our Cryptobuddies, our unique collection of NFTs featuring the people who are revolutionizing the art world for you.



Our team comprises of:

  • 8 nationalities
  • 10 languages spoken 
  • 46 employees
  • over 350 years experience combined

We aim to increase profitability, transparency, security and process efficiency, while significantly reducing costs for all art market participants.

New Partnerships 


Every new partnership with 4ARTechnologies helps artists, galleries, museums, collectors and investors get closer to achieving their goals.


The best insurance leaders


Our partners include MunichRe and Ergo. Their experience insuring artworks gives our clients peace of mind. 

AON has been responsible for the global implementation of the 4ARTapp insurance since the beginning of the project.


Services and technology to help our users


Same with Hasencamp, which provides over 100 years of experience and their own developments to define the next generation of art transports for the industry. We trust them with our original Warhols!

Our key technologies are safe with Zeiser, who are the experts in banknote and security printing. 


Representing the art and blockchain worlds


We also support VKMS and the national promotion of art and culture with regard to digitization projects. VKMS represents the Gallery Owners Association, Antiquarian Booksellers Association, Auctioneers Association and Art Dealers Association to protect the interests of the art market.

In the vein of safeguarding and representing the art market’s interests in culture, business and politics, we also support the BVDG

Another strategic partner is CVVC, which invests in young companies. They operate in co-working spaces, consulting, and events, and invest exclusively in companies that develop products and services based on blockchain technology.

You can be sure that every successful partnership we create leads to better development of 4ARTapp and its functionalities. This year we continue to have conversations in order to develop more connections that can change your perspective on art and technology.


Be the first to know when our Marketplace for NFT is launched

As the art world develops, many creators are increasingly moving into digital spaces, either by developing NFTs from analog works or making digital-only experiences. We want to give artists the quickest and easiest way to create and sell the safest NFTs.

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