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Aug 14, 2022 | 4ART App, 4ART News, NFT+

In July 2022 a project began in which not a single day will be lost. As part of the sensational NFT project ‘One Day – One Year’ artist Daniil Arkhipenko will record each of his days – impressions, events, feelings and creative intuitions of the moments lived. The result of this collaborative project between Tirage Unique Gallery and 4ARTechnologies will be the ‘One Year’ collection, which we will present at an auction in 2023.


Tirage Unique: a gallery in Moscow


Tirage Unique is the new Moscow-based gallery of collectible design and contemporary art founded by curator and collector, Olga Egarmina. The name of the gallery reflects its concept — a focus on unique and rare works and limited editions. 


Onsite or online, collectors can find paintings, design, sculpture, and photography with a great selection of contemporary art, French modernism and modern collectible design. The gallery works with renowned masters as well as some young artists and designers who have received worldwide recognition. 


The collection includes the works of:


  • Yuri Kuper
  • Ilya Kabakov
  • Alexander Ney


There are also international names such as:


  • Lithuanian artist Augustus Serapinas, the youngest participant in the main project of the Venice Biennale 2019
  • Waqas Khan, the Pakistani artist who combines the language of minimalism with the traditions of oriental calligraphy
  • Swiss author Julian Charrière, among others

Collectible design is represented by unique pieces such as:

  • Objects by French artist Beatrice Serre (in the interiors of Peter Marino and Jean-Louis Deniot)
  • Precious vases by Karen Swami
  • Sculptural furniture of the Tbilisi design studio Rooms
  • French icons of modernism like Pierre Jeanneret and Charlotte Perriand


Daniil Arkhipenko is featured in 4ART Marketplace


Daniil explores the world around him through the personal prism of perception, and, thus, as a way to get closer to his own nature. According to him:


Since ancient times, whenever humankind found prints left on the ground, they attracted people’s attention. An imprint is a trace left by nature or man in time and space, a testimony of the past that we find in the present, a sign of permanence in an ever-changing world. In order to gain a more complete understanding of the processes of evolution, and its causes, it is necessary to gradually restore the line of life, digging its fragments from the bowels of the earth, the most important repository of artifacts.

Working on this NFT project by documenting every impression and sensation goes along with this concept of observing and recording the evolution of a project, an artist, or a life. Stay tuned to see how it develops.


4ARTechnologies always supports exciting projects


In September 2022 this collaboration is present in Cosmoscow as well. You can read more about this and other projects at the art fair here.

Since 4ART App gives the possibility to create the safest NFT+ available due to the KYC authentication system, security for the creator and all users of the ecosystem is assured. More artists are getting in touch with us to collaborate so their digital artworks are protected and made available on the 4ART Marketplace. 

Our collaboration with Tirage Unique Gallery is just one example of the success stories we are taking part in, and we look forward to seeing more developments in their curation as well as how this year with Daniil Arkhipenko evolves.

Arhipenko's project is in 4ART App

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