Crypto-Art – How the blockchain is still changing the artworld 

Nov 18, 2022 | 4ART App, NFT+

Blockchain technology has been used in many different industries, and 4ARTechnologies application to the art market has been innovative and relatively new for the players in this industry. The NFT (nonfungible token) system allows artists to create unique pieces that cannot be duplicated, while also providing transparency into the ownership of each piece.


For us who started with this a few years back, see how the legacy of some NFTs begins to unfold, just like the Cryptopunks being displayed in art museums. 


Even in 2023 NFTs that look for security issues, respect copyright and protect artists will continue to see developments and make history, so be part of it now with 4ART App and NFT+


The Future of Art with 4ART App


In the future, we will see more and more people creating art as a hobby, rather than just a profession. This shift will make it easier for them to share their work with others, and it will allow them to connect with other creatives who share similar interests. We support this idea of newcomers, but also are true art fans and understand the needs of the market. 


We know collectors are still looking for works that inspire them and could return them benefits in the long run. With fine art-oriented projects like the Digital Baroque or the One day – one year drops, collectors, can see the focus on art but also take the next level of the contemporary collection with NFT+


What does NFT+ in 4ART App mean for artists?


Today, artists use traditional methods to market their work, such as selling prints at galleries and through online platforms. However, these methods are not ideal for everyone. They require a lot of upfront capital, and they often limit the number of people who can view the artwork.


With the possibility to create NFT from the same place where artists have their virtual galleries, they are starting to appeal to other collectors and not only the ones ready to buy a physical piece. Artists like Nicoleta Albei-Wigger or Jason Engelbart are good examples of how the collection can go beyond our walls.


How Can I Buy or Sell Art with NFT Art?


With NFT+ art, you can easily purchase and sell art. You can also share your own tokenized artwork with a QR code. This allows you to connect with other collectors and artists, and even make money off your art!


Why we believe royalties are important for NFT creators


NFT allows artists to keep benefiting from their work even after it changes ownership. When minting an NFT+ in 4ART App, first comes the legal aspect of confirming that you declare that the rights of the digital file belong to you. Also to display the artwork in the compilations of the 4ARTecosystem, the confirmation has to be taken seriously.

The possibility to create the NFT with an automated commission contract is key so that the artist financially benefits every time the NFT is sold again on the 4ART marketplace. The minters can choose from 5 to 20% commission, just keep in mind that royalties too high could deter investors in resale. 


Try 4ART App and exhibit your work


Create NFT+ using 4ART App. It is a user-friendly application art-focused, so no crypto knowledge is required and the possibility to create more than digital assets, but also protect the authenticity of your physical creations and exhibit them in virtual reality.