How to make an NFT of your work? (5 or 10 steps)

Dec 3, 2021 | 4ART App, NFT+


One problem that artists might have, is the burden of going to coinbase or metamask to get their currency and then being able to create their NFTs


With 4ART App it is as easy as clicking a button. What is also great, is that the artist can create NFT+ of her analog work.


Our technology creates a digital fingerprint when reading the visible nanoparticle material structure of a painting and the work is secured forever on the blockchain.


5 steps to create the safest NFT+ in 4ART App


  1. Download the 4ART App, your wallet will be created automatically
  2. Choose the artwork and press create NFT+
  3. Decide the number of tokens and select a blockchain
  4. Confirm the information and pay with credits
  5. Push it to our Marketplace


???? 10 steps to create an NFT


  1. Create a digital wallet (metamask)
  2. Choose “Install MetaMask” and “Get Started”
  3. Select “Create Wallet” 
  4. Create your password
  5. Write down the secret phrase it gives you. Don’t lose it.
  6. Tap the little puzzle on the top right of your browser
  7. Click the MetaMask fox icon
  8. Tap “Buy”
  9. Click “Continue to Wyre” and choose how much ether you want
  10. Go to Rarible to sell your work


How are you going to do it?

Download 4ART App now and explore the easiest and safest way to create NFT+


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