Is there a solution to NFTs scams?

Feb 10, 2022 | 4ART App, 4ART News, NFT+

Recently there has been a lot of questions regarding the NFT world. Last year after Beeple sold an NFT artwork for $69 million several creators got into the digital minting of their work.


An NFT group spent $3m on Alejandro Jodorowsky’s failed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s epic science fiction novel Dune. They thought they had right to produce NFTs based on the book’s contents. The reality is they would likely be met with a lawsuit from the actual copyright holders, currently the Herbert Limited Partnership.


The main problems mentioned by NFT skeptics include:


  •  Fraud in the artwork, not being original
  •  No verification of the artist
  •  Unclear rights for collectors


4ARTechnologies mission is to preserve art for future generations (including digital art)


As a serial award-winning No. 1 Blockchain in the art sector, 4ART’s Augmented-Authentication-Technology offers an all-in-one app to provide the world ́s first true 360° digital infrastructure solution for the global art ecosystem while safeguarding:


  • provenance 
  • attribution
  • and integrity of any artwork 


With the need to protect the digital creations of artists, 4ARTechnologies has created NFT+ also having in mind the protection of collectors and traders.


KYC for all creators and collectors

All 4ART App users have to be KYC authenticated in order to mint or collect an NFT+. This ensures security for not just the artist, but all users of the ecosystem.

Just like online banking, there is a legal person behind each profile and that ensures that everything happening in the App remains safe for both parties.

Transparent rights statements

Creators clearly state their right to mint the NFT+. Using legally binding documents, they enact the contained rights and privileges of the digital artwork. This provides security and transparency to future collectors.

Blockchain & standard choice

Choosing from a variety of protocols and standards, including Ethereum, Palm, Tezos and Binance Smart Chain, gives creators the oppportunity to define how to optimize their resources. Artists can digitize single artworks or entire collections.


Fine art curated section


Some of the complaints, have been the ugliness of NFTs out there. And there is always a line to draw when it comes to design, digital creations and digital art. 4ARTechnologies marketplace is open to all creators willing to go through our verification process, however, we also have curated exhibitions like the one we launched in collaboration with Palm: Digital Baroque. 


The over 218.000 art lovers in 4ART App are constantly visiting the virtual galleries in 4ART Exhibition, and now with new interest in the marketplace, they have the chance to start collecting digital artworks too.


NFTs out there could be a scam, but NFT+ is a solution


The reason to call 4ART NFTs with this extra plus is to make this difference in security, copyright confirmation, as well as the digital protocols embedded in our ecosystem.


NFT+ includes the forensic watermark and every transaction will be clearly stated in the provenance and documentation from the digital artwork in 4ART App. 


4ARTechnologies is setting a new standard for security and quality in the art world be it analog or digital.