Why galleries and museums can use 4ART’s technology to make art more accessible

Oct 14, 2021 | 4ART App, 4ART News

Every year more galleries and museums are digitizing collections and investing in making digital experiences available for their visitors. These opportunities give them the chance to find new audiences, appeal to younger generations and distribute more artworks to buyers.


Challenge: technology is expensive


The main challenge is the cost. Most of the time, the projects are dropped due to costs involved. Museums and galleries decide to invest in developers to create apps, VR displays and touch-screen kiosks. But a few years later, they often cannot keep up with updates, cannot pay the developers again or can’t find the new equipment.


With technology, institutions need new hires


Museums need digital directors, people specialized in the IT or communications field. These Digital Experience Directors, or Directors of Digital Shift, report directly to the senior museum leadership and might not be in touch with other departments. Sometimes, instead of finding their way, they struggle within the organization.


How can museums and galleries go digital while keeping costs low?


There are ways to adapt to new technologies and stay on a budget. One of the best ways to do it is to take something already professionally developed, instead of hiring new people to develop an app, especially for the gallery or museum. 


4ARTechnologies offers an all-in-one tool for your success in the art world


Museums and galleries can start securing their works with a smartphone. With a mobile device that anyone can use, our technology makes it possible to create the first truly usable passport for artworks. We offer the chance to create a patented and immutable digital fingerprint linked to the artwork’s history. 


  • Connect the physical and digital worlds, anytime, anywhere. 
  • Keep the provenance up-to-date.
  • Gain full control of who documents are shared with.
  • Create fully digital condition reports. 
  • Offer virtual exhibitions and augmented reality experiences for visitors anywhere in the world.


What makes 4ART safe is that everything is recorded on the blockchain, 


Features for museums


  • Collection Track & Trace
  • Process Optimization through Digitization
  • Condition Reporting
  • Integrated Audio Guide and Showrooms


Features for galleries


  • Innovative Product
  • Additional Revenues
  • Management Tool for Customers
  • Secures Originality and Condition


Less money, more possibilities


Museums and galleries are welcome to get in touch and start a project with us. The onboarding is simple and the benefits are tangible in much less time than when investing in developing in-house technologies.


We work with experts in the art and technical fields, and can make your processes efficient and less expensive. Imagine making condition reports before, during and after transporting an artwork, saving 80% of the resources. Your team or trusted company can do it, just using our tool as a standard.


Are you interested in getting to see 4ARTapp Professional and experience the benefits of it? Get in touch with us!


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