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At 4ART we often talk about our artwork centric approach to our clients, investors, auditors, etc. But what does this mean?

Usually we use the term user centric approach to describe that all services of a company are built around a client to serve him best and in return expect a higher acceptance of the products, etc. Yes, I did simplify it 😉

Artwork centric in our case means that all services, views and data structures are orchestrated around the artworks.

How databases normally work

Imagine you have a standard IT infrastructure with products and clients. Usually there is a product database that holds all information about the product. And in order to do business there is also a client database with all required information about your clients, like address, etc. Let’s forget for now about the other databases that usually exist in a classic infrastructure.

In order to supply a service to a client we pull up the clients data and then connect the product that he has chosen with the clients dataset. Like you log in to the webshop of your choice and are now able to see your previous purchases in your interface.

We could have built the infrastructure in the same relation, like a classical set up. It would not have any impact on the service we do supply.

We protect the privacy of users and their artworks

But my requirement was that we are not able to pull info about the artworks of a registered user, by using his dataset. This means in return that the artwork holds the data of the owner and not vice versa.

There are some customer unfriendly drawbacks when doing so. If one of our registered users calls the support team and is asking for some help on a specific artwork it does not help us to have just his username, but we need the unique identifier of the artwork as well. It sounds like a small addition, but in a world of optimized customer satisfaction it is indeed an additional information that is required to help the customer… feels a bit like the 90s 😉

So why are we doing this? We want to make sure that the privacy of the registered users and especially their link to their artworks can not be exposed or used by anyone.

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