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yes, this is a question I am getting as well, but you can imagine that this is phrased usually not that direct 😉 

From an application UI point of view I am indeed also under the same opinion. Good app developers can surely create an app that has all the UI we have as well. And hey, for sure there are even nicer designs coming up 😉

Sometimes I had to limit our designers

Btw. This is by itself a nice story. You can not imagine how much I had to reduce/limit our UI designers’ innovative and cool ideas. It is indeed not so easy to leave the stage just to the art that we have on our platform then trying to have a cool design yourself as well. From the beginning on it was clear that we should not have us in the foreground but the art that is shown. 

But coming back to somebody else could do the same application as we have been developing for more than 3 years. From a developer point of view, this always needs to be answered as a yes, because somebody developed it, so.. somebody else can develop it as well.

We have experts and specialists to develop our features

The reality is, that the technology we are using and the technologies we are continuously developing and developing further requires a set of several experts that are really strong in their fields. We have mathematicians, application developers, backend developers and in those fields some specialized people as well. Just for our condition reporting technology we do have one unit doing nothing else then working on this industry standard. 

Interpretation of data could be very hard

For features like our GPS tracking and environmental surveillance like temperature, humidity, NFCs, etc. we do have surely some experts, however even so these are really cool features they are not as difficult as analysing surfaces and 100% judgments on originality. The problem here is not only the analysis itself, it is the interpretation of changing data on the same artwork. 

We are scanning surfaces with a smartphone or tablet that a user has in its hands. Means there is never a steady position, the lighting is definitely always different, devices have different cameras with other parameters and many more everchanging factors. Bringing this all together makes interpretation of it very hard. 

Our patented technology overcomes those difficulties

As a logical consequence we did file patents for how to overcome those difficulties. And even knowing the content of the patents will not allow anybody to just replicate, as we also gained a lot of soft knowledge on such data analisis. 

Having said that, my answer is: I do not think it will happen soon that somebody will boldly step up and say we can definitely do the same with the same confidence.

But it might be possible under certain conditions like having a proper allocation of resources, over a long time and the luck of being able to get some genius experts into the team and of course not infringing other people’s patents 🙂 


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