“Fine art pieces are to be appreciated for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content”, states the Oxford Dictionary. 


We love Sacha Jafri’s definition:


This is what art is all about: creation, connection, and beauty; everything else is just noise.


Art expands the soul, creates new connections between realities, and has different meanings for each one of us. We assign our own experiences and expectations when we are in front of an artwork.


Each week new users keep discovering our all-in-one toolbox for the art world. This means:


  • collectors and art fans are inspired by new talents
  • artists are creating and sharing their creations with the world
  • logistics companies are tracking and reporting the condition of art pieces


Virtual galleries are an excellent way to enjoy art from anywhere and at any time. With the 4ART Exhibitions app, we are proud to introduce new artists weekly and connect art world participants across all continents.


Explore international ateliers and galleries for free


Discover art you’ll fall in love with, wherever and whenever you want. If you are traveling, get that tablet out and visit these spaces virtually. If you want to share with friends and family from the comfort of your living room, plug your device into a smart TV and enjoy collections from galleries and international ateliers. 


Enjoy the versatility of art from new and established artists


Browse art by style, technique, and genre with the innovative 4ART visualization tools. Whether from artists you already love or artists that will thrill you for the first time, there is something for every taste!


Use all your senses in our showrooms 

Through our VR Exhibition App, we want to take interaction with artworks to the next level. Art fans can see all the details of each piece, learn the history of the artworks, and read about the inspirations and themes that the artists are exploring.


Artists curate their own customized exhibitions 


If you are an artist, you can create an account in 4ART App and register your artworks. Then, once you have submitted a compilation of the pieces you would like to show publicly, the collection will be revised for policy and quality control. Once the revision is passed, the compilation is public in 4ART App for the whole world to enjoy.


When registering your work, remember this:


Uploading just one piece might not be as impactful. Remember that a single image on its own may be overlooked or misunderstood. Choose to present your art holistically, in ways that touch, inspire, and broaden your viewers’ horizons. You can learn all about creating a great profile in this article.


Appreciate new art every week


Take a look at the virtual galleries that thousands of users in more than 60 countries are already enjoying. Let the inspiration flow, and share with friends and family your favourite pieces from the different virtual galleries that 4ART Exhibitions offers.


If you would like to understand how to navigate the galleries, visit these detailed articles.

About the author:

Paulina Lara Franco

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The best advice she received was from her great grandmother: “happiness is easy.”