The privacy of our users is our top priority, which is why we naturally do not store personal data publicly, but instead save it in the form of a: 


  • cryptographically encrypted ID.
  • on high-security servers.
  • and only link this ID with the artwork-related data. 


Only the user can decide whether -and to what extent- data is made public. Also determine what is done with this data, for example, sharing documents. In this way, we not only protect the privacy of the users but also strictly adhere to data protection laws. 


Preventing money laundry is also 4ARTechnologie’s concern


We also attach great importance to transparency when it comes to preventing money laundering. Every user who wants to create or transfer digital protocols has to go through a so-called KYC process. This is also required when opening an account with an online bank, and meets the legal requirements of financial supervisory authorities. 


In addition, it is in the nature of things that unethical participants should not be particularly interested in transparency and therefore do not belong to our target group.


For players interested in transparency and democracy for the artworld


Everyone who can identify with these goals is welcome. Also those who would like to make the art market more transparent, honest, and, therefore, more democratic. We see ourselves as a partner to all art world participants – be it artists, galleries, institutions, logisticians or insurers.


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