NFT Marketplaces and cryptocurrencies

May 6, 2022 | 4ART App, 4ART Coin, NFT+

Most of the NFT marketplaces and websites require users to be familiar with cryptocurrencies and wallets to be able to create and trade NFT. Just a few of them are user-friendly to artists.

And it is true, that for some of the players interested in this world, learning and getting deeper into cryptocurrencies is not mission impossible. We do however know that especially artists, are more inclined to enjoy the creative process and this is one of the reasons for the 4ART App to be intuitive and easily operated.


Tokens to deal in NFTs


For a long time, ETH (Ethereum) has been the favorite crypto asset for bidding in and buying NFTs, as most NFTs were hosted on the Ethereum blockchain itself. Other tokens that have been gaining popularity will be mentioned here, and we have to -of course- tell you about the only token for art to be used in the 4ARTechnologies ecosystem: 4ART Coin.

Sand is one of the NFT tokens for fans of 3D games, using their token can help build resources in their platform.

MANA is an Ethereum Token used in the virtual reality platform called Decentraland. Users can buy land and other virtual services or wearables with it.

Enjin Coin is used to pay for websites and other NFTs in the Enjin ecosystem, users can create and load digital assets.


4ART Coin


The art ecosystem consists of museums, artists, collectors, insurers, restorers, and many others. All of them interact with each other and transact constantly. But a lot of their practices are out of date and prone to human error. This is why 4ART App has become a standard for more than 200.000 art lovers making processes effective and cost-efficient.

Some of these clients are using Android, iOS payment methods or credit cards, however, every day more of these art world players see the benefit of owning and using 4ART Coin. It maximizes security and eliminates transaction or exchange losses. This digital currency supports the digitization of the global art market.

Customers who pay for services within the 4ART App and its Marketplace with the 4ART Coin receive a 20 percent discount.

There are different types of tokens and they are regulated. 4ARTcoin is a utility token according to the definition that the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) offers. 4ART Coin is traded on public stock exchanges.

With collaborations worldwide, the 4ART coin is establishing itself as the trend of the future.

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